Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

29 Oct
Miss Peregrine with her pipe

Miss Peregrine with her pipe

This book has totally been on my mind lately.  The 3rd book in the trilogy, Library of Souls, has recently   been published and I ptumblr_nsktzeXuuf1rj3vn5o1_1280urchased it for our teen  collection at my library.  Yesterday we had Book  Character Day and I dressed as Miss Peregrine,  complete with a pipe that I made myself.  (Note: pipes  are very uncomfortable to carry around in your mouth    all day and may cause drooling which some people find   gross and others find hilarious.)  Anyway, Miss    Peregrine has been one of my favorites since it first   came out in 2011.  I discovered it when it was featured as a YALSA Teens Top Ten nominee and was immediately smitten.

The story is about a boy whose grandfather has told fantastical tales all his life about growing up in an amazing orphanage.  Jacob and the rest of the family believe these are just the ramblings of a senile old man, but then the grandpa is killed and Jacob sees the monster that did it.  He talks his dad into taking him to the island where the orphanage supposedly is, finds the time loop and all the peculiar children, and discovers that his grandfather was telling the truth all along.  The children are in danger since the monster, a hollowgast, is hunting them and has followed Jacob to them.  Miss Peregrine, who is an imbryne and can change into a falcon, is captured which means that the protective time loop can’t be reset and the hollowgast can get in.  She is rescued, but the book ends as the peculiar children and Jacob embark on a desperate quest to heal her powers (she’s stuck in her falcon form which renders her powerless).

The most fabulous feature of the book is the collection of old photos that are spread throughout.  These are real photos!  Mr. Riggs, the author, collected many of them himself and borrowed the rest from other collectors.  These photos are creepy and realistic and utterly fascinating!  Mr. Riggs created the story around these photos; isn’t that an amazing way to write a story?

If you want to read something super imaginative, creepy, and adventurous then YOU WANT TO READ THIS.  By the way, in case anyone is interested, the powers that be are making this into a movie which is scheduled to be released in December of next year.  I can’t wait to read book 3!

One of my favorite photos in the book

One of my favorite photos in the book

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