Social Networks

28 Oct

I expect everyone who reads this blog is probably active on social networks and social media.  I’ve personally used Facebook, of course, as I have a personal page here and a work page here, but I haven’t used it extensively so my experience is rather minimal.  I have used my library page for posting events and reminders and a little bit for connecting with peers.  I use my personal page for sharing news with friends and family and for selling my chicken and syrup.

I’ve used Twitter for roughly a nanosecond for the library, but I get so busy learning tech for use with the library teens that I haven’t spent time on Twitter.  Besides, I never have anything interesting to say!  I guess that’s also why I lapsed on this blog for so long.

I LOVE Pinterest!  I use my Pinterest page for loads of library ideas: displays, crafts, programs, books, events.  I follow a number of authors, colleagues, and peers for sharing ideas and support.  This is a huge source of support for librarians!!

Please share your pages with me so we can connect and visit my pages…  I can’t wait to hear from you…



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