I’m back!

28 Oct

Sorry y’all, I kind of got busy and slacked off the blog for a while. Ok, a looong while. But, I’m back to have some online fun again.

Chicken butchering – doesn’t that sound fun? Well, it actually WAS. For us anyway, not so much for the chickens. Our friends, Lane, Marsha, Nancy, and Greg all came out and helped so it went smoothly and fast. The Schirmer Whizbang Plucker worked beautifully and the new poultry shrink bags are totally a hit. The whole procedure goes like this: Catch ’em, Chop ’em, Scald ’em, Pluck ’em, Cut ’em, Bag ’em. See? Easy!

The dogs were so gorged on parts they could hardly move – kind of nasty, but hey, they’re dogs. The rest of us got cleaned up and then enjoyed Lane’s Venison Barley Soup and my Venison and Beef Chili, with plenty of fixin’s and a lovely adult beverage.

What could be better than good friends, good food, and a good job well done?!

More photos will be posted later today. This one is a comparison of our Pastured Chicken and a Store Chicken. Guess which one is ours? Pastured Chicken summer 2015

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