Syrup season updates

02 Mar

The sap is a runnin’! We’ve done several boils already and the first batch in particular came out absolutely beautiful – light and clear and sweet. OMG, yum!! Bring on the pancakes – hey Pioneer Woman, come on over and cook for me and I’ll share my syrup!

We got some new technology to “help” us determine when the syrup is done. Unfortunately we are not “tech” people, apparently, as the thermometers, refractometers, and hydrometers are mostly getting in the way. I must’ve calibrated the dumb thermometer wrong so the last batch got overcooked and now it’s all cloudy. It’ll be crystallizing soon, I guess, so I may have to cook it down into candy. Ergh! The refractometer didn’t come with the stupid calibration block, so it’s completely useless. Also, we tried it just for fun even though we knew it wasn’t quite accurate, and the reading changes as you stand there looking at it – in fact it changes A LOT. I just don’t get it (picture me shaking my head slowly in a sad and bewildered way).

Anyway, I’m going back to my tried and true old school methods for this weekends boil: Cook until I run out of Blue Nun. Done. Jar it fast before putting feet up and sending hubby for pizza. Now that’s how you make maple syrup.

BTW, several people have asked what we put in our syrup. Here’s the secret: NOTHING – IT’S MAPLE SYRUP! It’s nothing but tree sap cooked down until it turns into syrup – same way it’s been done forever.

Nature’s Candy…… Yum!!!!!!

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