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Woe Is Me

Oh, I’m a sad, sad rooster out here all on my own.  My ladies are all in the coop snuggling with the other roosters.  I stand here at the door, but I can’t get in.  Oh, woe is me!  There’s a tray full of yummy scratch grains, fresh hay, happy willing women, and I’m out here in the cold all by my poor little lonesome.  This silly little dog is no help at all!  Every now and then the giant lady comes close and I run and hide so she won’t “get” me.  I’m not sure what would happen, but I’m not taking any chances even though she usually has food.  Heh, heh…   she’ll never catch me!  But I sure wish I could go in with the others……



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Hello world!

All right world, here I am!  My niece insisted that I write my stories of life out in the country with my DH, 5 dogs, 4 cats, and roughly 25 chickens (it changes depending on hawks, eagles, hatchings, butcherings, etc.)  Now, I’m not an author or an accomplished writer so don’t be expecting fabulous prose or anything but I’ll do what I can.  Here goes……

Ok, well here we don’t go actually because I’m at work and I’m just getting this blog set up, but I promise to get on here later tonight (after bonking DH on the head and stealing the laptop) and tell you the story of my crazy chickens who are trying to roost about 20 feet up in a pine tree.  Silly things, they think they can fly…..  

Later, Y’all……………


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